About Us

Founded on 21 August 2012, RAIZZIN Pte Ltd is a Web media advertising & consultancy firm that's based in Singapore, and serves both the Japanese domestic and Southeast Asian markets.

Today, RAIZZIN has under its employment a team of 23, and we work with both major and boutique agencies to deliver uncompromising results to our clients through our unique suite of Web solutions and expertise.


What we do: Internet media sites

Founding Date: 21 August 2012
Starting Capital: $100,000
Director: Tsuyoshi Kuroiwa
Employee Count: 23

Main Working Partners:
Google Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.; Gondola Co., Ltd.; ValueCommerce Co., Ltd.; Interspace Co., Ltd.; OPT, Inc.; Adways Co., Ltd.; Digital Garage, Inc.; MicroAd, Inc.; F@N Communications Inc.; LinkShare Japan K.K.

Our Main Working Partners


Our Mission

To carry forth with good traditions, while discontinuing bad customs.

Support the growth of our team members, and together contribute towards society.

Our Vision

A firm that's capable of value creation at a global level.


What Does “RAIZZIN” Mean?

The name “RAIZZIN” was picked for its pronunciation, which sounds close to the word “Rising” in English, and “Raijin” (the god of thunder) in Japanese.

Therefore, the name RAIZZIN signifies “swiftly rising to the challenge, like a bolt of lightning”.

Our Location

Visit us at:
60 Albert St #07-03 OG Albert Complex
Singapore 189969


Careers @ RAIZZIN

We're always looking for great talent to join our team of specialists. If you believe you may be right for us, please drop us an email with your resume at recruit@raizzin.sg

Currently we are also hiring for the following positions:

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